Chichester Garden Share
Want to grow your own food but your garden's too small and you can't get an allotment?
Do you have a garden on which you'd love to see food grown but you don't have the time or ability?
Chichester Garden Share scheme is here to help by matching Growers with Garden Owners.
Read More About How It Works And How To Get Involved.
Looking to grow food, or share your garden or land? Just register and supply your postcode and your location will be shown on the map.
Step 2
Our system will notify you by email if a suitable match has been found. Travelling distance is calculated to make sure the plot is accessible.
Step 3
Garden Owner and Grower discuss the arrangements - we provide guidelines. Respect and trust are key.
Step 4
With lots of hard work and a little luck, celebrate the bounty of your partnership and enjoy some great food together... or apart!
The scheme is for anyone who lives in the area: owners with gardens/land of any size, and growers of all levels of experience.
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Part of Transition Chichester. If you would like to know more or get involved then please email
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